What You Need To Know?

Nooraswiss Laboratory The only Bumiputera Company that gets an exclusive permission in using high technology formulation in Switzerland where has been included in Stemcell Glutagen NOORA Whitening with three excellent combinations in a world, Apple stem cell, Glutgghione and Collagen.

Nooraswiss using technology from Switzeland as a good theraphy for younger looking skin without injection.

Who Should Take NOORASWISS?

  • Wants to take pro-active approach to supporting health skin and longevity for skin. 
  • Looking for the ultimate in total-skin protection?
  • Serious improving its appearance diminish signs of aging by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Control melanin production, leaving your skin with an even and light tone.
  • Progressively lighten freckles, age spots and other pigmentation.
  • Exposed to an increased amount of free radicals, those who live in urban areas. Works around chemicals and sunshine.



Nooraswiss help me to restore a smoother skin, reduce freckles, dark spot on my eyes and my pigmentation skin after using Nooraswiss in one weeks. I more confident. Thanks Nooraswiss!
En Radzi, 37 Year, Pigmentation & Tone balancing.

Acne pimples at forehead disappear and improving the Brightness and Radiance of the Skin after 2 weekd using Nooraswiss
Atiqah Nabilah, 12 Year, Acne Pimples.

Skin discolorations and uneven skin tone caused by blemish marks and brown spots can be greatly improved and restore the balance shade of my skin. Scars and pimples also fade away after 2 weeks using Nooraswiss.
Mas Azrena, 37 Years, Scars Ance and Pimples.

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